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How Will For Good works
How Will For Good works

Why your Will is free, who advises you, when fees are payable

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Will For Good is a national free charity Will scheme. We generate pledges of more than £1m to charity in Wills every month.

We've worked with over 200 charities, from the very largest (such as Guide Dogs and RNIB) to smaller regional charities, including hospices and generated over £60m in pledged gifts in Wills.

Across the UK, more than £3bn is left to charities in Wills each year. Those gifts are crucial to enabling many charities to do their good work. And we help charities ensure that legacy income continues in the future by helping their supporters make a Will.

Here's the deal if you want to make your Will For Good

Making your Will ensures you take care of the family and friends who are left when you die. If you don't have a Will when you die, then you will die intestate and they may miss out.

Under the Bequeathed terms of business and other policies, our website helps you gather all of the information required and make the decisions about the issues it is critical that you consider to safely make your Will.

Then, under the terms of the Client Care Letter you will be asked to read and sign if you want us to help you make your Will, our legal team will advise you and draft your Will.

A basic Will from Bequeathed is free. As you would expect, it will cover all of the basics so that, at a minimum, it adequately meets your needs once you have executed it correctly. If you need or request a more detailed Will, with more sophisticated drafting, then there will be charge.

We only recommend or request paid steps when they are, in our professional opinion, of value to your intended beneficiaries. Most of our clients complete the process with a free basic Will and can do so confidently because they have received legal advice from us.

In return for helping you make your Will quickly, easily and for free, we ask you to support our charities, or any charity. You have the option (but not the obligation) to leave a gift in your Will to charity or, if you cannot leave a gift, you can make a donation now.

Here's how Bequeathed works

  • Click the "start your Will online" button on any page on our website

  • Register to create your account

  • Take the online Will interview to create your statement of circumstances and wishes

  • Review our online advice for risks we recommend or require you to address

  • Choose to accept our offer of a free video appointment to discuss that advice

  • Or, providing we assess it to be suitable for you, opt to receive the free basic Will

Here's a summary of what is free and what is not when you use Bequeathed

You can use our Website for free. Our online analysis of your circumstances and wishes and online advice is free. And we are also able to provide you with a free basic Will providing it is at least adequate for your needs.

The Will is not free where complex legal advice, detailed drafting or a video appointment of more than 30 minutes is either necessary in order for us to provide you with a draft Will that is at least adequate for your needs, or where you accept our recommendation that such additional services would better protect your family and friends.

Common examples of situations that are not as simple as you might expect, where a free basic Will may not be suitable

Just because something is common, doesn't mean it is simple to deal with legally. For example, there are complications arising from:

  1. Previous or ongoing divorce, or separation, or dissolution of a Civil Partnership

  2. Children from different relationships

  3. Excluding someone from your Will who is financially dependant on you

Fees for dealing properly with issues like this start at just £90.

We may also recommend or request additional steps are taken when there is valuable joint property, foreign property, multiple properties, a disabled dependant, significant inheritance tax etc. Fees for dealing properly with issues like these cost a little more, starting at around £350.

Wherever additional advice is recommended, you will receive a quote/estimate and it will be up to you whether you accept and pay or proceed with the free basic Will.

Where additional steps are required because a basic Will would be inadequate, then you will receive a quote and you can choose to pay and proceed, or stop.

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