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About Bequeathed

Bequeathed exists to help more people make a Will For Good

Reasons to make your Will

You need a Will to provide certainty and care for your loved ones

Answering questions in the online will interview

Use these articles if you need extra help while taking the online will interview

Three phases of making a will

Preparation, drafting and execution

Mirror wills

Mirror wills help you to make joint decisions about your property

Scottish Wills

Guidance pages on the differences between Scots and English wills

Wills with a foreign element

What to do if you're British but live or have property abroad

Will-writing for vulnerable people

Age and testamentary capacity


How to choose and appoint your executors and help them understand their role


Anyone can benefit from your will but there are some special rules

Inheritance Tax

Who pays IHT, at what rate and how can you reduce your liability


Care for your children

Gifts to children

Things to remember when leaving gifts to your children and others

Will trusts

Find out about trusts and when it might be useful to use them in your will

Probate and estate administration after death

Understanding probate helps you choose the executors of your will


Understand the legal jargon for wills, trusts and probate


Articles previously published

Explanation of Will clauses
Islamic Wills

Islamic Wills and Sharia compliant Wills in the UK

Musicians/Artists and Will drafting
Bequeathed policies

All our policies that set out the terms upon which we provide our services and the measures we take to protect our users

For charities

Articles for customer or prospect charities